Injection Mold Design



Iykot DesignAs in many businesses, tooling demand is variable. If you staff internally for peak demand, then you risk idling them during softer weeks. If you staff inernally for average demand, then during periods of peak demand, you will be forced to turn down profitable business.
If you have strong relationship with a design outsourcing company, you can outsource design when demand is more than your design department's capability to handle it. With outsoureing, you can do more with less.

Shorten tool design lead-time

You can shorten your tool design lead-time significantly, if we can work simultaneously with you. If you are company based in the US or Europe, we can work on the product details or 3D conversion which you are mold1finalizing certain portions of the core design. Depending upon the project, we can also do round the clock design. Because of the time difference between US/Europe and India, Indian designers can start work on a portion of the design after US designers leave for the day and have it ready the next day morning for the US designers to continue the work.

Save Costs

We are company based in india, where the labor is relatively inexpensive for similar level of technical expertise. Outsourcing tool design to such a low wage economy could save you 20-30% in design costs.