Injection Molding


Quality and Reliability

mold3Many of the products we mold are required under very short lead-time due to variable and unpredictable demand for our customer's products. Over the past 15 years, customers have come to rely on us for delivering consistent quality under demanding schedules

In-house Toolroom

Because we have our own integrated Toolroom, we can keep the uptime of our customer's molds almost close to 100%.If there is an issue on the molds that we are running, we can quickly correct or replace a part and re-start production in a matter of hours.

Value adding processes

Many of our customers ask us to provide them with components after screen-printing, painting or chrome plating. While we don't have many of these processes in-house, we deliver completed components to our customers by acting as total project managers. We will shortly be adding capability in-house for these processes.